Wider Ops: Trumpets & Trombones

Wider Ops 1

The children were encouraged to make as much noise as possible with their instruments to show their Year 3 & 4 counterparts where they started from. They had great fun doing so! However, you may wish to turn the volume down a little, they're loud!

Wider Ops 2

Here some children played a simple rhythm whilst others attempted the 'incredibly fancy' part. We hope you like it.

Wider Ops 3

During their Wider Ops lessons the children not only play their instruments but are taught a variety of different songs. Here they perform one of their favourites about a shooting star.

Wider Ops 4

On this track, the children play two different parts. It was tricky but it sounded great.

Wider Ops 5

The children from Sycamore and Redwood perform a track entitled 'Mr Cool' on their trumpets and trombones. Enjoy!

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